Good decoration is about getting the right balance between aesthetic appearance and functionality. Nowhere is this more important in your Broadstone property than when it comes to floor coverings. There is a wide range of floor coverings available on the market, so you’ll need to think carefully about the benefits and drawbacks of each. These are just some options to consider:


Wooden flooring

Your Broadstone decorator may recommend wooden flooring. This can look fantastic and be hard-wearing, but may not be suitable if you live in a flat because it can create noise. You may also find it feels a little cold under-foot from time to time, although it is easy to clean and look after.


Carpets can make a room feel warm and cosy, so are perfect for bedrooms and living areas, where you want people to feel relaxed. However, carpets can be prone to getting stained, dirty and damaged, so will need to be replaced fairly regularly. Broadstone decorators should be able to help you find a hard-wearing carpet, if you want it in a high-traffic area.



This can be ideal in a room where function is more important than appearance. For example, vinyl can be a good option in a commercial kitchen or bathroom, as it’s easy to clean and hard-wearing, but isn’t expensive when you need to replace it. It may feel a little too ‘clinical’ to use in your Broadstone home though.

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