When you need to re-decorate a wallpapered room of your Canford Cliffs home, you may be tempted not to go to the bother of stripping the existing wallpaper. Many home owners do opt to simply paint over their existing wallpaper, rather than removing it, but you’ll find that any good Canford Cliffs decorator will advise against this.


That’s because they’ll have bitter experience of stripping back a home to decorate, only to find that the wallpaper has been concealing major cracks and damage that has been undetected for years because it was never stripped back. For example, when a home owner paints over wallpaper, this can cause moisture from the paint to seep in around the edges and seams of the wallpaper, weakening the bond between the wall and the wallpaper. Or, in some Canford Cliffs homes, you may find the wallpaper is the only thing holding a crumbling wall together, and when it’s stripped back it could reveal the need for complete re-plastering or even more drastic repair work.


So, for the structural health of your Canford Cliffs home and a long-lasting finish, always strip the existing wallpaper when you want to decorate. Removing wallpaper and carrying out plaster repairs may feel like hard work and needless expense, but engaging a Canford Cliffs decorator to properly prepare the walls before you decorate can actually save money and deliver longer-lasting results.



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