When it comes to painting in your Sandbanks home or office, it doesn’t need to look boring. Colour doesn’t have to be constant across a room. Any good Sandbanks decorator will be able to tell you about the various paint and colour techniques and tricks that can give your home a more eye-catching and original finish.

One paint technique you might wish to consider is known as colour blocking. Colour blocking means the addition of a repeated single-colour shape, perhaps squares, circles or even butterflies, which can highlight a feature in a room or dress up a wall. You’ll often find colour blocking in modern homes, where it’s a popular option in children’s bedrooms, or in offices that want to project a funky image. It can also be used as an alternative to wall art, or to accentuate the visual impact of a piece of art on the wall of your Sandbanks home.

If you think colour blocking might be right for you and your property, any good Sandbanks decorator will help you to plan and create it, as follows:

  • creating a paper plan of the spacing and arrangement of your preferred shape
  • drawing the shapes on your walls in pencil
  • outlining the shapes with masking tape
  • painting the marked out shapes in one colour
  • painting the rest of the room in a difference colour.
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