While home improvement television shows, websites and magazines are all the rage, it can still be very difficult to know where to start making the most of your West Cliff home. There is so much information and inspiration out there, that you can become overwhelmed by all the choices.


Here are some common pitfalls you can avoid when decorating a West Cliff property:

  • never choose only the latest trends: it’s exciting to choose colours and effects that are in fashion, but trends can come and go. What looks fantastic and cutting-edge this year may look horribly dated in another year’s time. It can be a better idea to select more classic, neutral colours and then choose more contemporary accessories or features that can easily be changed.
  • never choose paint in the shop: colours will look different on the walls of your home and in natural light to how they do under the bright lights of a DIY store. Always try some testers in your West Cliff home to see how your preferred colours will look in situ.
  • never let anyone else make choices for you: it’s a fantastic idea to call a skilled and experienced West Cliff decorator to help you with your redecoration project. However, while they can advise you on the different options available, they won’t have to live in your home once the work is finished, so never agree to a suggestion that you’re not entirely comfortable with.
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